Where is Toto Located in Nigeria?

Toto is a place in the country of Nigeria in Africa. It is situated at the geographical coordinates 8deg 22′ 44″ north and 7deg 5′ 4″ east. The city is part of the Africa/Lagos time zone. Toto’s primary ethnic group is Nigerian.

Toto has an official language, which is English. It is a thoughtco major tourist destination in Nigeria and has enough accommodation options for travelers on a budget. To travel to Toto, you should convert your personal current currency to Nigerian NGN before arriving in the country. You can also use an online distance calculator 9xflixcom to see how far it is to Toto from your location.

The population of Toto is very low. The city is located in the north-central region of the country. It is bounded by Nasarawa infoworld State, the Federal Capital Territory, and Kogi State. As of 2006, the city had a population of 119,077 people. It is divide  tinyzonetvto into three districts: Ohizi Ogabo, Bokarpur, and Toto.

Toto’s puppyhood home was destroyed by dumpor the state of California in 1958. The Ventura Freeway was built on the site. To honor the legendary terrier, Toto fans launched a campaign on the Internet to build a monument at the site.